If you win nothing at a slot machine, but almost, then this is called “Almost a win.” For example, if you can win a jackpot with 8 of the same symbols, but now have the same 7 symbols. Almost a win means that you want to bet another round. Some slot machines are set up in such a way that the chance of almost winning is extra-large. This is a trick from slot machine designers to make you gamble longer.

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Profit or loss is unpredictable

In the long term you always lose money playing on machines. Yet many slot machines are set up in such a way that there is a good chance that you will regularly win something small. Because of this your brain unknowingly learns that the nice feeling of winning comes by pressing the button. The more uncertain your chances of winning, the greater the sense of reward:

Suppose you bet 10 times. If you knew that you would win something every 5th game, the game would be less exciting. That's why you win the 2nd game and the 9th game for example. Next time you win the 1st and 3rd game. The chance of winning is the same in the long run – but you can never predict exactly when you will win or lose. That makes it so exciting. This keeps you playing longer.

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Visual and sound effects

Slot machines often have bright colors and a screen with high brightness so that you stay awake. Cheerful sounds reward you as a player if you have won something. The visually attractive symbols and bonus games on a slot machine also ensure that you continue to gamble.

Your thoughts about the game on b-est.ro,

So-called ‘thinking errors' can also ensure that you as a player continue to gamble at a slot machine. Because of thinking errors you see reality differently. People who experience problems due to gambling often have inaccurate beliefs about playing on slot machines. 2 If you are aware of these kinds of thinking errors, this can help you to play shorter and get problems less quickly by gambling.