Games of chance – which games are used to win?

Gambling has to do with luck is well known. However, there are games of chance where winning is more likely than others. There are also procedures to get more profit from the same game. In addition, this is not just a rumor, there are systems and strategies that help at least to avoid loss. However, there are natural limits to these means. There is no such thing as a guaranteed profit that is 100% guaranteed. In the following, however, some pointers that at least take full advantage of the probabilities, so that in the end one or the other profit is possible.

Sports betting with and without strategy

There are various bookmakers for sports betting. The sports betting system is quite interesting. Because here the odds, i.e. the chances of winning, are directly related to the probability. With a single bet you can decide whether you would rather have the safe and very small win or the rather unlikely chance of a big win.

One example of this was Roger Federer's wedding in tennis. A win at Federer’s only temporarily brought Bwin a rate of 1.01. So if you bet 100 euros on Federer's victory, you would get 101 euros back. Only a euro profit, but for sure.

Now of course nobody wants to win only one euro if he has to risk 100 euros for this. It doesn't matter how small the risk is. Nevertheless, this example shows in a brilliant way that this one euro was a profit after all. Whoever bet against Federer really lost at that time? Therefore, it is sometimes better to accept the small quota of the favorite if you want to make a profit. Better the sparrow in hand than the pigeon on the roof.

Gambling – luck in the game

However, there are also strategies that almost make a profit with sports betting. The principle of finding a bet each time that has an odds of at least 2.00 and doubling the bet in the event of a loss stems from a strategy in casino game roulette. Here, the mathematical probability is used, which says, and quite realistically, that everyone will win a bet if he tries only enough times. It is important that you choose a bet that works in a 3-way system, that is, in the pattern “win-draw-loss”. Otherwise there are too many options involved. If at any point a bet is won, you have won at least the bet that was placed before the first doubling. There are a few things to consider here

Games Of Chance Casino games

Casino games

Classic casino games such as roulette and black jack also bring a profit. Roulette was mentioned at the beginning. The strategy for roulette is based on only betting on red or black. You double your bet until you get the color you chose.

It is important that you always use the same color. You can double that long. Until the table limit is reached. If you have not won at this point, a loss as a whole can no longer be averted. Another promising strategy in roulette is placing two dozen bets per game. First, a few rounds are used to see which dozen wins the least.

You bet on the other two. With every win you increase the stake by 20 percent. One hopes to be able to take advantage of a statistical cluster, as they occur mathematically. However, this system has been heavily criticized. However, it should actually work if you change the table in time as soon as the last dozen falls frequently. Some of these systems are difficult to understand and some of them sound quite simple. The fact is, however, that there are players who claim to make a living from it.

In fact, roulette has a reputation for making real profits for players. The fact is, however, that there are players who claim to make a living from it. In fact, roulette has a reputation for making real profits for players. The fact is, however, that there are players who claim to make a living from it. In fact, roulette has a reputation for making real profits for players.


Poker is also known as gambling. It really depends on the knowledge of cards and the probabilities behind them. If you manage to learn these principles and learn how to interpret your opponents' behavior, you can actually make big profits from poker. Tournaments in particular can make playing fun and, with a disciplined game that is geared towards long-term success, also possible for good winnings.

So it is usually enough to end at the final table to win the first small amounts. Here too, winnings are graded according to stakes. Unlike in open-air poker tables, no one here can easily drive opponents into bankruptcy with additional money, as is possible in other cases. Because after a certain tournament progress, purchases are no longer possible.

Games Of Chance Slot machine and reel games

Slot machine and reel games

We do not recommend these games. The principle here is that you cannot win. It doesn't matter what others tell you. All stories of players who make a living from it are somehow untrue.

There is only one tip to heed here: If you want to play reel games on the machine for fun, you should think about doing it online. Because the payout ratios are usually better here than in any of the arcades in the city.

Mini-games and more

Playing backgammon and various other mini-games for money has also slowly spread across the bookmakers and is available to most. So of course there is still a bit of luck with the dice, but very real winnings are possible, for example in backgammon. Pure games of chance such as tricks are also offered here to play with others. The secure profit does not lure here either. But in addition to the possible win, you have the advantage of the challenge and the fun of playing against a real, human opponent. This feeling can only be found so directly in poker through these providers. And if you can't, or just don't like it, you should watch the other games at least once.

Games Of Chance Wide range of bookmakers

All offers mentioned so far are sold by bookmakers who also offer sports betting. Some are already a bit better positioned, some are not quite as good. These bookmakers have long been well positioned.

The range of games and the range of poker are certainly largely a matter of taste. For example, at Bwin the betting odds are often criticized and the high profit that the bookmaker puts into his own pocket for each poker pot, the bookmaker's fans swear by the poker tournaments, which are apparently not bad for occasional visits, and the pioneering role, which the bookmaker had taken over in some services in this country

Gambling remains gambling

Gambling remains gambling

Even if here in the foregoing some games were worked out with greater chances of winning and advised against by others. You have to be clear about one thing: gambling always remains one. Even a roulette strategy can fail at the table limit and even result in comparatively high losses due to the previous doubling of the bets.

A win can certainly be earned, in some games with an unexpectedly high probability, but nobody should take articles like this as an opportunity to expect a safe win. In addition, not only the games as such are crucial. The choice of the bookmaker himself is also a decisive factor. The bookmakers differ clearly in their odds, and certainly also in chances of winning at the reel games. In terms of odds, it is always worth taking a look at an odds ranking.

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