3 hit pay

The casino game that most gamers view as the toughest at the casino is the three-hit pay. Most of the 3 Hit pay at the casinos is pure luck and it does not depend on the person playing it as to how much he/she will win. The game is played in the same manner as in slot games where the gamer needs to hit the exact number of the reels in a specific period of time to get the exact amount of money to win. When hitting the precise number of the reels, it does not matter whether you have the best strategy or not since the game will end in your winning.

The player gets paid in two ways: in the form of winnings and in the form of the game fee. The player who wins gets the exact sum of money as in the case of the progressive slot games and the player who win with the third hit pays the casino with the same amount of money as in the case of the standard or non Progressive slots. The first prize in this game is paid to you initially, but after winning you get an additional amount of money. The same holds true for the second prize, which is paid only to you if you win. The winning amount of this game is the highest of all the three slot games, which makes it more exciting.

There are three types of paylines in 3 Hit paylines; the straight line which follows a single path, the dotted line which shows two intersecting lines and the curved line which show one intersecting line meeting another line. The winning amount in this game depends on the player winning the pot after spinning through all the possible outcomes. There is a maximum of 18 possible outcomes in this game. In other slot machines, you can see the paylines to be generated by the machine before you enter to play. The 3 reel slot machines generate paylines on the screen so that you can easily identify the payline that you are looking at.