Blackjack double exposure

Blackjack Double Exposure, also known as a Caribbean Stud Poker Run is the hottest new craze among online casino players. What makes Blackjack Double Exposure so exciting is that it is the first online casino game where the player is able to play double the amount of hands as the standard version. This means that Blackjack Double Exposure allows the online gamer to play for four hands instead of the standard two. The excitement is increased even more by the fact that Blackjack Double Exposure uses a unique and exciting scoring system. Unlike most online Blackjack games Double Exposure makes use of a random number generator.

Blackjack Double Exposure is no ordinary casino game though. It is a hands on, interactive casino game that is similar to Stud Poker but with a few added twists. As with Stud Poker the house edge on this game is extremely high, and that high edge makes Blackjack Double Exposure a very challenging game for any player to begin with. Blackjack Double Exposure's high house edge makes it a challenging game for gamers to get started with.

Blackjack Double Exposure starts with a seven-card stud, or first set, which is dealt to the two players at the table. Next, the dealer reveals two hidden cards, one to each of the players. Players who do not see these cards expose those cards and are out of the round; the last person to see their cards reveal their cards and go bust.