Cash crazy

Cash Crazy is a newly minted version of micro gaming, taking that same premise as an existing background and then dragging players into the mad science laboratory. Give the Doctor some help to perfect his anti-bacterial machine and you just may be able to reap the rewards it spits out. You'll need to avoid being distracted by the mad science experiment that follows and aim to win money by playing on casino slots. It's all about luck but the higher the chances of winning, the larger your payout.

The trick behind this game is that Cash Crazy has a similar appearance to a slot machine, but you're not playing a mechanical replica. Instead, the objective is to spin the reels in order to make sounds and show images to fill up the screen. This is done by targeting specific areas on the screen with the circular yellow & black dots. Some reels will have more sound effects than others. Some of them are even accompanied by spinning neon balls!

When you get to the part where you actually start to play Cash Crazy, your goal is to reach the end point, which is represented by a number. At this point you will need to match the number with the right sound effect, and then the right icons to display what those symbols are. The game comes complete with bonus icons for things like max coin and bonus jackpots. These help you stay on top of your game and win more often!