Golden goals

The golden goal or golden point in association football is a rule generally used in international association football, team, lacrosse, baseball, polo, basketball, football and karate to determine the winner of a game where scores are both equal at the end of regulation time. It is an example of a special type of game. Many countries have their own version of this game where the two teams are divided into two sections with the goal being to score more points than the other team. Usually the match is played in the summer months and the goal is to win by more points than the other team, however this is often not the case.

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Sometimes the players try to win the match through sheer luck or this may happen when both teams lack the required stamina to continue the match. It is considered a foul by the officials if a player deliberately tries to lose a game for personal gain. This foul is called “golden goal” and is punishable by a fine or suspension from all further matches. However there is no proof that the players were trying to purposely lose the game and there have been cases where players from both teams actually tried to win the match by scoring more goals. In Uzbekistan and Pakistan there are also soccer competitions where the winning goal is the highest score that a team has reached.