Star joker

A new version of the old Star Joker has hit the scene and it's called: The World's Most Wanted. In this version you get to choose a symbol that will be used on the reels. When all is said and done, winning will come down to luck if you are using a symbol that is not frequently used. Here are some tips for you to make sure you choose your symbols wisely. This is what will help you to win more than the average amount of money when playing slots.

Star Joker (Play ‘n Go) – video slot done right Star Joker (Plays ‘n Goes) is a fresh new version of the fruit machine that puts you in the center of the casino and gives you the opportunity to choose one of three symbols that will be used on the reels. On the reels you'll see familiar symbols like plums, cherries, oranges, plums again, watermelons and lucky sevens. As can be readily seen in the screenshots above, the best paying symbol is the star joker which gives you a guaranteed max of 100% payouts. The second highest paying symbol is the pyramid, which pays out a little less than the star joker but still well above the average symbol. Finally, the last symbol in the pack, the wheel pays out very poorly and rarely pays out more than the average sign.

To win this game you need to earn as much money as possible with as few spins as possible. For this, the star joker machine is perfect. You can expect to make anywhere from $2.00 each spin to as much as $5.00 with just a single spin. With so many odds stacked against you, how do you expect to get anything but the maximum amount of money available for your slot machine skills? Get the free online slot machines and put your luck skills to work with the world's best slotting software.